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2016 Season is Complete!

Hi everyone!

After a fantastic chase/storm season, I’ve added NUMEROUS photos as well as the annual In Search of Supercells dvd set! Check them out!! Order now to receive your print or dvd before Christmas!

2015 Updates Completed!

I have finally finished with my 2015 updates! I hope you enjoy them! All Galleries have had photos added as well as my In Search of Supercells 2015 dvd set!

The 2015 Season

I have been working on my photos that I will include in the Galleries for 2015. I captured several photogenic supercell storms and tornadoes, as well a fantastic lighting in the Arizona monsoons this August! Hoping I will have everything updated with my new selections in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! I am excited to show you these new images!

Update complete!!!!

Finally, my long 2014 update is finally complete. I’ve added more images and put up a NEW Gallery called Black and White Images. This was in response to the HUGE request I received from Facebook posts. So, I’ve given you what you’ve asked for, black and white images! Enjoy!!!!

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