About Me


Storms, they have been my life for nearly 3 decades. I spend nearly 150 days each year in pursuit of thunderstorms and the variety of weather they provide. I have witnessed and photographed over 650 tornadoes (currently the Guinness Book of World Records Holder for tornadoes witnessed!), thousands of thunderstorms and tens of thousands of lightning strikes. Most people recognize me as a storm chaser and tour operator. However, in the past decade my life has taken a change from the videography world, to photography. Every severe weather season I find myself trying to improve the quality of my images, as well as the character of my work. I live, breathe and digest thunderstorms and their environment every chance I can get.  I hope it shows in my work.

In recent years, my lovely wife Caryn Hill (www.carynhillphotography.com) and I have spent countless weeks each year in the southwestern United States searching for lightning, red rock landscapes, and for me, hiking and photographing slot canyons. I find myself loving the southwest and what it has to offer almost as much as I enjoy thunderstorms.  I enjoy the solitude of nature in the southwest and try to let my camera explain the passion I feel when there.

Thank you for finding my website. I hope you find the image you are looking for here. The website will be in a constant state of improvement and addition, and will never be the same. So keep checking back to see all the changes and additions to the various Galleries you will find here, and to read my blog on my latest adventures. If you have any suggestions or ideas, drop me a line, as I am always looking to chat with people interested in my work and those who have ideas on ways to make it better!

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